About Us - Wild Flax
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Our Linen

Wild Flax pure linen is grown in France and is recognised as being the best quality yarn in the world. This is due to favorable soil conditions, perfect growing climate and centuries of knowledge from Flax growers, spinning, weaving and dyeing mills. All this expertise and knowledge is passed down over generations to produce something you can truly feel in our fabric.


Pure Linen has a some many far superior qualities compared to other materials such as cotton. Pure linen has unsurpassed longevity, is soft to touch, comfortable all year round, highly absorbent, lint-free and non allergenic.


“The more you use your linen, the more beautifully it ages and gets a unique patina”


Our Blankets and Towels

We source our blankets, throws and bath towels from all over Turkey. These regions actively pursue old traditions of artistry of spinning, weaving and dyeing materials. Most of our products are either hand woven or woven on semi automated looms, so each piece is a “one off’ with its own unique personality or minor inclusions.


Soft, warm and fast drying with a range of vibrant and understated colours. You love to be kept warm or kept dry by our wonderfully beautiful and unique range or blanket, throws and towels.


About Us

We just love linen and beautifully made materials. So much, we want to share the highest quality products we can find for you to enjoy also.


Please visit our sister site  www.indigoandco.com.au for a beautiful selection of Turkish beach towels.